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David De Velder

Director of Community Land Trust

Dave comes to the Dwelling Place with an extensive background in affordable home ownership. You can contact him directly if you are interested in learning more about the Dwelling Place Regional Community Land trust or to apply for a home ownership opportunity.

Our Board of Directors

Designed to benefit low and moderate income families, the DP-CLT model ensures long-term affordability in home ownership and is currently governed by five members of the Dwelling Place Board of Directors. Eventually, the DP-CLT Board will be made up of ⅓ housing residents, ⅓ community representatives, and ⅓ Dwelling Place Board Members. 

Doretha Ardoin

Greenridge Realty

Rich Kogelschatz

Dwelling Place Board of Directors

Lee Nelson Weber

Dwelling Place Board of Directors

Gil Segovia

Dwelling Place Board of Directors

Kimberly Sims

Dwelling Place Board of Directors

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