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Donating Items to Dwelling Place

Dwelling Place is grateful for the kindness and generosity in the communities we serve. However, we are not able to store and use all of the items that are offered to us as in-kind gifts. Further, in every community we serve, other organizations exist to collect and distribute free and inexpensive household items such as clothing, furniture, and food. We encourage residents and other neighbors in need of those resources to contact those organizations. If you are looking to identify these organizations in your community, contact your local United Way at 2-1-1. Exceptions to this policy are listed below.

Items We Can Accept:

  • Welcome Baskets: In many cases, a new resident with limited household income can benefit from receiving a gift of new household items in the form of a welcome basket. – New towels, new pillows and pillow cases, toiletries, and cleaning supplies in a laundry basket create a dignified and much needed and appreciated gift that can help residents to build self-sufficiency in their new home.
  • NEW and Used Office Furniture
  • Large Items: New appliances and vehicles in good working condition may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Please call us at (616) 278-1145 if you have any of the above item(s) to donate.

Interested in hosting a drive to collect goods for Dwelling Place residents? We have three options and will send a staff person to meet you and discuss the possibilities. Email

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