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Laurence Bratschie Award

Posted by dwellingplacegr on September 2, 2020

On November 6, 2013, the Dwelling Place Board established an annual award named for former longtime Board member, Larry Bratschie. For more than 25 years Larry quietly contributed to the mission of Dwelling Place, for many of those years as a Board member, including several years as the Board Chairperson. Larry passed away on April 2, 2018 at 90 years of age. Larry was a community activist who raised public awareness of Dwelling Place wherever he went. As a fundraiser, Larry engaged his friends, family, professional colleagues and many of his acquaintances to support our organization. As a volunteer, he went out of his way to support Dwelling Place and many other community organizations in Grand Rapids.

This award was created to honor Larry’s selfless leadership to the community by creating a $500 annual scholarship award to a Dwelling Place resident who best exemplifies extraordinary characteristics of a community builder; who by their actions, contributes substantially to improvements in their community, the neighborhood where they live and/or the apartment community that they call home.

Larry Bratschie stands next to Dwelling Place CEO and received a gift from Grand Rapids based artist and former longtime Dwelling Place tenant, Reb Roberts of Sanctuary Folk Art


The Laurence Bratschie Award Committee is now accepting applications for 2020. We want to honor our residents for their work in building community and contributing to improvements in their neighborhoods. If you know of a Dwelling Place resident who is deserving of recognition, nominate them for the Laurence Bratschie Award.

Nomination Form

Past Laurence Bratschie Award Winners

Nury Acosta (middle) pictured alongside Larry Bratschie (left) and long-time board member, Larry Titley (right)

Nury Acosta 

Nury Acosta is a warm-hearted resident who lends hospitality and her culinary talents to bring community members together where she lives. Nury is known to check in on her senior neighbors who are sick with home-cooked meals and TLC. Fellow residents know Nury by her most ambitious feat – when she invites the entire community to a meal prepared by her.

Ryan Wryick 

Ryan Wyrick is a resident who has played a critical role in his community through his involvement in Avenue for the Arts, art featured in ArtPrize 2016 and Ryan’s membership on the Resident Engagement Committee of Dwelling Place. Ryan will utilize award funds to build business acumen in “Doing Business As” classes for artist-entrepreneurship.

Ryan Wyrick (middle) pictured alongside Larry Bratschie (left) and long-time board member, Larry Titley (right)

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