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Everyone deserves a Dwelling Place. We realize a home is much more than an affordable place to live. It is a community. Each housing community is a place residents are proud to call home, a place where neighbors find friendship, a place where people thrive.

For a community to thrive, we understand it needs more than residents – it also needs commerce. This is key to neighborhood revitalization. It’s the reason Dwelling Place partners with local businesses to lease more than 100,000 square feet of commercial space throughout West Michigan.

All people deserve a choice of quality affordable housing.

How to Apply to Housing Communities

Dwelling Place offers a variety of housing communities, each with unique locations, rents, and amenities. Once you have determined the community or communities that most interest you, the next steps are described below, depending on whether the property accepts referrals or applications directly:

1. Referral Based Process

If you are looking for housing that requires a referral from an agency such as Salvation Army’s Housing Assessment Program (HAP), The YWCA, Community EnCompass, or the Grand Rapids Housing Commission (GRHC) then you will first need to contact the appropriate agency directly. Only after they refer you to a property, may the application process be initiated. Contact information for these agencies can be found on the Dwelling Place Housing Fact Sheet listed below, or under each specific community page on the website.

  • Referrals are accepted when a community has availability
  • An agency will reach out to you directly to make a referral
  • Once a referral is made you will need to contact or go into the management office of the specific community you are referred to in order to start the application process

2. Dwelling Place Application Process

If you are applying for housing that does not require a referral, you will need to fill out a Dwelling Place Pre-Application and return it directly to the management office of the community you are interested in. Contact information for the management offices can be found on the Dwelling Place Housing Fact Sheet listed below, or under each specific community page on the website.

  • Each adult in a household must complete, sign, and date the Dwelling Place Pre-Application
  • When applying to multiple properties, individual pre-application may need to be returned to each of those communities specified management offices
  • Pre-Applications are not accepted at the Dwelling Place Main Office

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