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Posted by dwellingplacegr on February 24, 2022

If you have building, gardening, or landscaping skills that you, your corporate group, family, church group, or neighborhood association would like to contribute to the affordable housing cause, Dwelling Place’s Property Days series is a great place to start! Residents of our properties help us prioritize what projects we tackle during a Property Days event; groups as small as three (3) and as large as 60 can make an impact on the quality of our properties! 

Some skilled volunteer groups, such as the Associated Building Contractors of West Michigan Young Professionals, have completed ambitious projects by building brand-new garden beds for several of our properties. Other groups, such as the Cathedral of Saint Andrews Young Adults, have helped residents spread mulch in beloved, overlooked areas adjacent to Dwelling Place properties. 

Depending on the length of event and size of your group, meals can be provided! If you are an individual looking to become a part of a Property Days event, we will work to connect you with residents and other interested folks for high-impact projects. 

Contact or , or call (616) 676-6527. 

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