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Posted by dwellingplacegr on August 26, 2020

Resident Spotlight: Meet Amanda and Isabella

“I am just one of those people, you are going to know who I am…I am determined,” says Dwelling Place resident Amanda Lake. Her story proves how she has used this determination to overcome obstacles and ensure she gives her daughter a good life. She moved into Commerce Courtyard on February 28, 2019, just four days before giving birth to her daughter. She credits her persistent nature and people like Brian Bruce, one of Dwelling Place’s Resident Service Coordinator, for making this happen.

Not too long after Amanda moved into Commerce Courtyard Mr. Bruce gave her information on the newly constructed Dwelling Place Community, Harrison Park Apartments. Amanda knew this could be an opportunity to set her daughter up for a bright future! She was excited about moving into a larger space, about giving her  daughter more room to play and living next to a school and playground. Unfortunately, Amanda was too late and there were no more place-based vouchers available at Harrison Park Apartments. “I was completely devastated,” says Amanda, as she recalls, “having a meltdown in the bathroom and pulling herself together. Reminding myself that what’s meant to be, will be and leaning on my faith to get me threw this.”

Fortunately, there was another option for Amanda and Mr. Bruce was there to assist her in applying for and securing a Mainstreet Voucher through HUD. In June of 2020, Amanda and her daughter were able to move into their new two-bedroom apartment at Harrison Park.  “Sometimes I don’t know how to express myself, I’m just so overfilled with joy,” exclaims Amanda, “I just couldn’t be more thankful.”

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