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Posted by dwellingplacegr on April 28, 2021
Street view of South Division

South Division Brand Unveiling

Dwelling Place has been weaved into the history of South Division Avenue, between Fulton and Wealthy Street, for over 40 years. Many of the historic buildings that lie along this commercial corridor serve as home to our residents and the first floor of those buildings create space for local businesses to thrive. 

That is why in 2020 we brought together a group of business owners, residents, and community stakeholders to participate in a series of branding workshops focused on South Division. From there, we put together a second workgroup to develop the visual brand elements to go along with the newly minted brand identity. This brand identity is intended to represent the cohesion of businesses, organizations, and community members along the avenue and express the avenues unique history and characteristics.

Business District Branding Workshop

Heartside residents, businesses owners, and community stakeholders came together to envision evaluate the brand of South Division between Fulton and Wealthy Street. Through this series the group developed a brand promise based on the unique characteristics that set this commercial corridor apart from others in Grand Rapids. This project was spearheaded by Dwelling Place who brought in funding and expertise from NeighborWorks America. Dwelling Place is a proud chartered member of NeighborWorks America since 2015.

Workgroup Members Included:

Technical Support from Dwelling Place Staff:

  • Haley Stichman, Jenn Schaub, and Katie James

South Division Marketing Workgroup

Grey Matter Group, an award winning marketing firm who has called South Division home for more than 20 years lead a workgroup of Heartside residents, business owners, and community stakeholders through the creative process of developing a new brand identity for South Division. Together this workgroup created a visual brand expression from the brand promise created in the 2020 Business District Branding Workgroup. This series was funded by DGRI, with technical support from Dwelling Place. 

Workgroup Members Included:

Technical Support from Dwelling Place Staff:

  • Jenn Schaub and Katie James

The The Rapidian article highlights the work of both workgroups from the member’s perspective. 

South Division Brand Statement:

For people who love discovering the story of a place, the South Division Corridor, nestled in the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids, is rooted in historic architecture and a culture of caring. Home to contemporary creatives, we have a bold and energetic atmosphere offering a slew of activities as diverse as we are.

A fresh yet familiar experience, our business corridor offers an eclectic array of shopping, gallery, dining and entertainment experiences that can be easily accessed on foot. Explore our bustling, innovative hub where diverse people connect, and all are welcome.  


SoDiv is a community implemented brand. All community members, community stakeholders, and business owners are invited to embrace this new and updated brand identity. The brand guideline created by Grey Matter Group will walk you through the elements of the SoDiv Brand.

SoDiv Logo

The link below will allow you to download the SoDiv logo in the variety of brand colors outlined in the SoDiv Brand Guide. 

A special thank you to Grey Matter Group for donating their creative expertise throughout this process. We are grateful to have partners like you on SoDiv!

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