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Support Services

Our goal is to help residents find long-term stability and self-sufficiency through affordable housing and support services. We help residents achieve this by offering them day-to-day support for whatever it is they are dealing with.

Our Resident Service Coordinators walk alongside residents to help them navigate behavioral and physical health systems or connect them to health clinics, cooking classes, wellness programs, leadership classes, and events that can enrich their lives.

Permanent Supportive Housing communities provide homes for persons who are were recently homeless, are fleeing domestic violence, and people with disabilities or a mental health condition. Community partners come together to provide funding and staff support to support residents at these communities.

We work hand-in-hand with many community organizations to support the 300+ individuals and families living in our Permanent Supportive Housing. It is crucial people have a comfortable environment to live in, that enhances the quality of life.

We are motivated to create communities where residents feel cared for, respected, and uplifted.

I like the diversity here. I like that there are different cultures of people here and seeing them change within themselves. When you grow, our community grows. It’s better for all of us.
James Fruge, Resident

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