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Posted by dwellingplacegr on July 27, 2022

The Thing To Do Thursday IS the thing to do with your Thursday evening. Join us every Thursday evening at 106 South Division where Brandon “Dante Cope” Copeland and his team of curators feature local talent and create a chill and delightful space for meeting new neighbors, learning about local resources and enjoying the vibe.

Season 2 of TTTDT will kick off on February 2 from 6:00-8:00pm at 106 Gallery. 


Who has ideas? Who is inspired to build on what we started last year? Who is ready to curate a new experience at 106 Gallery?

There are dates available to book on Thursdays in February, March, and April to fill and more dates available in the future for those who need more time to plan. See details below or click here to spread the word about this opportunity

Curatorial responsibilities include:

  • Create a vibe: art, music, ambiance, how the energy flows through the space and combining individual elements that work as a whole experience.
  • Novelty: each Thursday has a completely different feel to it, how can you use the space in a new way and do something uniquely you?
  • Accountability: responsible for leading a team of creatives and using the resources available to produce a memorable and enriching community arts event that fosters new and meaningful relationships in a supportive environment.

Curatorial Idea Submissions

Please email Dwelling Place Artist-in-Residence Dante Cope at with a proposal that describes your vision to bless this space with your creative genius. Include:

  1. Email subject “The Thing To Do Thursdays: Proposal”
  2. Name and dates you are available.
  3. A Proposal Description. How will you use the space? What music/art/ambiance would you like to present?
  4. What support do you require to be successful?

Deadline for February/March submissions January 13th

2022 TTTDT Series

**If you are an organization in the Heartside Neighborhood and would like to have your marketing materials available at any of these events please contact Brandon Copeland ( or Dwelling Place’s Community Building and Engagement department.

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