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White River Estates Mural

Posted by dwellingplacegr on August 25, 2020

     Often overlooked in Dwelling Place’s property portfolio is White River Estates, tucked away in the Oceana County village of Hesperia, MI. To bring a greater sense of identity and recognition to the property, Community Building &  Engagement staff began working to commission a mural in the townhome-style  property’s only shared space: the laundry room! Fremont-based artist Renae Wallace was identified for the project, and staff worked to involve residents of the Hesperia property in the thematic components of the piece by sending several newsletter updates about the project by mail. One resident, after seeing an early concept drawing, mailed back a response remarking, “I think it is relaxing, and the way [Renae] paints is unique.” She also mentioned special outdoor memories, saying “…anywhere around water and parks, with a place to picnic” were important places to her. Renae included these elements from the beginning of her designs as a reflection of the picturesque, rural community. Once the risk of COVID-19 infection subsides, staff and residents will stage a dedication event for the new mural!

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